Sunday, March 7, 2010

Independent Art Fair 2010: Get Your Xerox "Prints," Only $150

Hucksters and suckers had a meet-up at the Independent:  The venerable White Columns was selling Xerox "prints."  (Click on photo to better see the labeling.)

According to one of the people minding this carny (as in carnival side-show scam), these are made by, "you know," lifting up the cover of a copy machine and pressing the start button.

When I visited the Independent on Saturday, almost all these "prints" had been sold.

The Independent feels edgier than Pulse.  Its open layout makes it much easier to experience the art as art, as though you're in a gallery or museum.  And it's free.

But the nicer environment can't hide the fact that most of the stuff being shown is stale.  Attacks on American consumerism, fun cheerleader outfits -- art here is lagging sadly behind the times.

Photo:  Laura Gilbert