Monday, January 2, 2012

Taking Stock at Year-End: The Google Search

Richard Prince (left) and Larry Gagosian
As some of you have no doubt noticed, thanks to you my articles published here and elsewhere frequently appear in the top five of Google search results, even months after they are published. 

Today I performed some searches on Google (using Firefox) for rankings of news that I broke and exhibitions that I reviewed.

Cezanne loan nixed
Here are results -- as of this morning -- for some of my top-ranked articles, indicating what words I typed in, the number of results for that search, and who placed above or below me.  I could include more stories but you get the idea, and my gratitude.

Search:  Russian art loan embargo      
Number of Search Results:  1,190,000

            1.  My New York Observer article on Chabad v. Russian Federation, the court case that triggered Russia’s embargo on loaning art to U.S. museums
            2.  Jerusalem Post
            3.  New York Times
            4.  New York Times
            5.  Los Angeles Times

Search: Richard Prince copyright lawsuit
Number of Search Results: 153,000

            1.  New York Times
            2.  My New York Observer article breaking the news of Prince’s strategy on appeal and what happened to his unsold, copyright-infringing paintings
            3.  New York Observer
            4.  New York Times
            5.  New York Times

Soutine portrait
Search:  Soutine Bacon
Number of Search Results: 141,000

            1.  My review of the Soutine/Bacon show held in New York
            2.  New York Times
            3.  Huffington Post

Search:  Metropolitan Museum cancels loans
Number of Search Results:  106,000

            1.  My Observer article breaking the news that the Met had canceled loans to Russia in response to Russia’s art embargo
            2.  New York Times (kindly and appropriately crediting my article with breaking the news)

Search: Picasso Marie Therese lamour fou
Number of Search Results: 17,300

            1.  My review of the "Picasso and Marie-Therese: L’amour fou" show at the Gagosian Gallery
            2.  Gagosian
            3.  Artnet
            4.  nymuseums
            5.  New York Magazine

On loan from Koons
Search:  Jeff Koons Old Masters Metropolitan Museum
Number of Search Results: 39,400

            1.  New York Observer (kindly and appropriately referring to my article, which broke the story)
            2.  My story uncovering Koons’ secret loans of his Old Masters to the Met
            3.  Telegraph

Search:  Poussin fails to sell
Number of Search Results:  3,560,000

            1.  My piece on Poussin’s “Ordination” flopping at Christie’s
            2.  BBC
            3.  Wall Street Journal

Search: Cervera Hebrew Bible Metropolitan Museum
Number of Search Results: 104,000

            1.  My piece on the opening of the Cervera Hebrew Bible display at the Met
            2.  My piece on pages of the Bible showing unicorns in the context of French and Islamic art
Search: Richard Prince Larry Gagosian copyright infringement
$2.43 million paid
Number of Results:  7,670

            1.  The Art Newspaper
            2.  My story (different from my Observer article mentioned above) exclusively revealing some of the buyers of Prince’s infringing paintings and how much they paid

Search: Rauschenberg Short Circuit
Number of Search Results: 8,660

            1.  New York Times
            2.  My piece analyzing Robert Rauschenberg’s “Short Circuit”

Search: Passion in Venice Man of Sorrows
Number of Search Results: 292,000

            1.  Museum of Biblical Art
            2.  Amazon
            3.  Wall Street Journal
            4.  New York Times
            5.  My review of the “Passion in Venice” show that examined the Man of Sorrows at New York’s Museum of Biblical Art

Images: Top from Artinfo, Cezanne and Soutine pulled from the internet, bottom image from court documents. 
Image of Koons loan and text Copyright 2011-2012 Laura Gilbert